CBD is short for cannabidiol and is available in a plethora of different products found in high street markets, corner stores, and from various retailers online. This cannabinoid found in higher concentrations within industrial hemp has taken the world by storm in recent years and for a good cause. CBD has been shown to offer many different therapeutic benefits, including offering relief from anxiety. If you have asked yourself why people vape CBD for anxiety, you are in the right place. To better address this question, here are five reasons why you should vape CBD to beat your anxiety.

1 – Does CBD Offer Benefits for Anxiety?

Yes, CBD is an effective option for relieving anxiety, according to consumer testimonials as well as scientific research. Several studies over the past decade have shown CBDs efficiency and relieving symptoms of various anxiety-related disorders.

A 2018 study showed that CBD in doses between 300 to 600 mg or efficient at significantly decreasing anxiety in those suffering it before public speaking engagements. Additionally, a study published in the journal of Neurotherapeutics in 2015 concluded that CBD was efficient in “reducing anxiety behaviors relevant to multiple disorders including PTSD, GAD, PD, OCD, and SAD, with a notable lockup axiogenic effects.”

2 – Does Vaping Offer a Quicker Onset of Effects from CBD?

Yes, vaping CBD has been proven through research to offer one of the quickest onsets of effects from consuming CBD. Unlike consumption methods such as ingestion, the inhalation of CBD works quickly to provide CBD throughout your body. Other consumption methods, such as consuming CBD gummies, rely on the body digesting the product prior to the CBD being released and utilized.

In a 2016 study titled “Medicinal Cannabis: In Vitro Validation Of Vaporizers For The Smoke-Free Inhalation Of Cannabis It was found that vaping cannabinoids drastically increased their bioavailability and that the use of a vape pen was one of the best ways to quickly dose with CBD. When you are suffering from anxiety, it is essential that you find relief quickly, making vaping CBD a go-to choice for many.

3 – Is Vaping CBD for Anxiety Convenient?

Yes, vaping CBD for anxiety is convenient and easy to do. CBD vape pens are quite simple and come in a wide variety of choices offering something for everyone. Disposable CBD vape pens are often a go-to choice for those utilizing CBD vape for anxiety. This is because they don’t require being charged, are always ready to go when needed, and come in a wide variety of flavor options. This is one of the most convenient ways to utilize CBD vape pens for anxiety. If you prefer to have options that are less wasteful, you can opt for a rechargeable battery and disposable vape cartridges. In this type of CBD vape setup, it will just be essential that you always keep your battery charged and a vape cartridge on hand. With this type of CBD vape, once the cartridges are depleted, they can simply be thrown away, and a new one can be added to your battery for use.

4 – Is CBD Vape Strong Enough to Relieve Anxiety, and Will I Enjoy It?

Yes, CBD Vape pens and CBD Vape juice come in a wide variety of different strengths offering something for everyone and their specific levels of anxiety. Additionally, CBD Vape comes in a wide variety of flavors making vaping CBD a delicious experience, not just a therapeutic one.

When it comes to the strength of CBD, you can find CBD vape pens with as little as 100mg of CBD, ranging up to 1,500mg of CBD on average. When it comes to CBD vape juice, however, the strength tends to go much higher, allowing a strong enough single dose of CBD via vape to meet everyone’s needs.

Some of the most common flavours of CBD vape on the market today include Blue Raspberry, Grape, OG Kush, Mango, Pineapple Express, Cherry, Berry, Tropical, and many others. The only thing that some consumers may not enjoy regarding utilizing CBD vape for anxiety is the actual vaping part. For some, inhalation methods are just not the optimal option, but for these individuals, there are still many other options which we will discuss below!

5 – Where Can I Vape CBD?

Vaping is a trend that is here to stay. From those that enjoy blowing big clouds to those that choose vaping nicotine juice rather than smoking cigarettes, it seems that the masses own a vape pen these days. Everywhere you go, you can find people utilizing vape pens filled with various concoctions. Anywhere that other vape pens are permitted, so are CBD vapes.

What Other CBD Products Work for Anxiety?

CBD Vape options aren’t the only ones that work efficiently at relieving anxiety. CBD edibles such as CBD chocolates or CBD gummies, CBD sublingual tinctures, and CBD oil are all efficient products and easy ways to utilize CBD for anxiety relief. Many consumers that do not enjoy the act of inhaling vapour or smoke, tend to really enjoy CBD edibles. CBD edibles also have their own unique set of benefits for anxiety patients, such as stronger effects that tend to last longer than with other consumption methods. However, consuming CBD via ingestion does require that the body first digest the CBD before it is distributed throughout the body, which in most cases takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Whether it is CBD vape, CBD gummies, CBD vape oil, or simply CBD oil UK consumers have access to some of the best CBD products for anxiety on the market today, backed by third-party lab testing and a strict set of regulations that are highly enforced. If you suffer from anxiety or one of the many other ailments for which CBD has been shown to be therapeutic for, perhaps it is time that you try CBD and find out what so many others already know, and that is just how good CBD works!